Unlimited Washes Every Month
Silver Wash includes:-
Clear Coat Conditioner
External Wash
Hand Dry
Tyres Shine
Terms & Conditions
Non-Refundable Membership:

Our Pre-Paid Memberships are a commitment to consistent quality and value. Please note that once purchased, these memberships are non-refundable. This policy is in place to ensure dedicated service and optimal resource allocation for our valued members.

Single Vehicle Policy:

Each membership is exclusively assigned to a single vehicle. This ensures that our specialized services are tailored and consistently applied to the specific needs of your vehicle, maintaining 
$69.99/month $199.00/month
Include One Gold Wash Plus Unlimited Silver Washes Every Month
Gold Wash includes Silver Wash plus:-
Central Console
Mirror Cleaned
Wheels Clean
Final Shine
Door Panels
Boot Surrounds
Wheel Bling
Free Coffee
Terms & Conditions
Auswash car wash is not liable for any refund for the unused portion of the plan due to early cancellation.
Auswash car Wash reserves the right to close store and change or shorten hours of operation at its sole discretion.
All rates and Services are subject to change without any notice.
$99.99/month $259.99/month